ALA 2017 (A Vendor’s Perspective)

Another ALA conference has come and gone. The ALA (American Legal Administrators) conference and Expo was held this year in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado. Being a Denver based company; it was a natural fit for LawBase to exhibit at an event in our company’s proverbial backyard.  The association of Legal Administrators boosts a membership of over 9,000 members, with 95 chapters in over 30 countries, the high membership and diversity translated into a well-attended venue, boosting a variety of keynote speakers, speaking on divergent topics ranging from common issues of cyber security and diversity training to the controversial issues of lie detection and marijuana in the workplace. As a vendor, ALA brought an atmosphere and structure that is unique to its brand.  With a full schedule of symposiums and presentations, busy moments of foot traffic on the convention floor were few and far in-between. But when the attendees had a chance to walk the floor during the designed breaks, it was a very pleasant experience. The flow of traffic was steady and rarely was the floor busy to the point of “crowded”. Rather, a productive “ebb and flow” was seen as attendees strolled the floor with specific vendors in mid to speak with, or simply to enjoy the experience and collect the swag offered by vendors or to enter in participatory drawings. The receptiveness of the attendees to was surprisingly positive as many attendees that approached were inquisitive and came to the Vendors with the goals of connecting after the event. At the end of the 3 day event it was the opinion of the vendors that attended that  ALA 2017  was a productive and worthwhile event for both attendees and the vendors alike.

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