Get the Most out of your Exhibit Hall

Get the Most out of your Exhibit Hall

Vice President of Sales for PerfectLaw Marc Adler sits down with Legal Management Talk and discusses many topics including his background, and  how to the most out of your exhibit hall experience. Marc is a member of the ALA Business Partner Relations Committee as well as the LegalTech Advisory board. After a few years of managing implementations for law firms, Marc moved into sales at PerfectLaw, and has worked the last 20 years working within the legal software community and attending more than 200 ALA events.

LawBase Receives 2016 Innovation Award

We were notified earlier this month that LawBase has been recognized by Legaltech News and The Recorder in the 2016 Innovation Awards in the Case/Matter Management System Category! This is a huge honor for us, and we are thrilled to be named in this group!

According to Legaltech News and The Recorder, this award signifies the “Who’s Who of the legal tech industry collectively moving the needle forward.”

A blue-ribbon panel will review all of the winning products and name the most innovative new product of the year during Legaltech West Coast.

As our clients know, we are continually updating LawBase to ensure it remains a powerful and configurable case management solution. It is known in the industry for its incredible flexibility and functionality, and is currently being utilized by thousands of users worldwide to track progress, maintain client files, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes. Our goal is to provide our clients (law firms, government agencies, corporations) with the tools they need to be efficient and productive while saving time and money.

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ALA 2016 (Association of Legal Administrators) Conference

LawBase recently attended the ALA 2016 (Association of Legal Administrators) conference at the Los Angeles convention center. Described as “A convention designed to advance the development of professionals from all walks of law,” the show was filled with networking opportunities, vendors from all over the law industry, workshops and keynote speakers to realize this goal.

This year at ALA, the masses were treated to a special guest speaker in Daymond John, who talked candidly about his road to success.

John, who is well known for his role as a panelist and investor on the popular TV show “Shark Tank,” came to prominence as the founder and CEO of the clothing brand FUBU. Starting with only forty dollars to create a hat, John has morphed his business into one that has made six billion dollars in profit.

John spoke about how he reached out to hip-hop artists because of their relation to the community he grew up in and the influence they had on consumer trends within that community. John was able to convince a popular artist to wear his brand, which led to its eventual success at a local level first, before becoming a national and worldwide brand with mainstream success. FUBU products can now be purchased in big-box stores like Macy’s.

During his speech John discussed what he has coined as the “Shark Points” for success, a list of bullet points that he believes are important to achieving business goals:

Set Goals – John’s goal was to be a part of the hip-hop culture he grew up with and utilize it to make a living. He wanted to make a living doing what he loved. This goal propelled him forward.

Homework – John declared that you must do your homework. He explained the many mistakes he made because of a lack of business knowledge. Make sure you take the time to research and familiarize yourself with the field you are going into.

Amore – Do what you love! No matter what, find what you love and go after it. John made $300 million in a market that did not even really exist when he started. But his love for the market and the people drove him forward.

Remember you are the brand. At the end of the day, it is all about you. How do others see you? John’s example was that on “Shark Tank” the team has sized up contestants and knows if they will invest within the first 30 second as the people walk out, before they have even opened their mouths. They are reading the brand before the brand starts talking.

Keep Moving – Stop and you die. Sure you can take a break and celebrate success, but keep moving. You might end up moving in another direction like he is, but keep moving.

These five points remind us that sometimes the most basic advice is the best and that execution of the basics are paramount to success.

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