Is it time to move on from your existing case management system?

There comes a time in life when you must move on from a relationship. It could be because you’ve outgrown the relationship or because your specific needs aren’t being met. Sometimes you simply just want something different, something new, something better. Chances are today or in the near future, you will be at this very point with your case management system (CMS). Change can be a scary thing, and you may be on the fence on whether it is time you and your firm made the decision to move on from your existing system. To aid you in your decision, we have listed a few reasons why it’s time to shake off that old system and embrace the new.

You’re not getting constant program updates or upgrades

Updates or patches are essential for the improvement of the system. It is important that you run on a maintained system that releases updates on a regular basis. Updates can do everything from improving the performance and stability of the software to adding new capabilities and features and can protect you against new viruses. When you do not have a system that releases frequent updates, you are in danger of falling behind technologically and opening up vulnerabilities in your system.

Your existing system makes it hard to get reports

Reports help you manage and understand your business, which is why you need a system in place that provides the reports specific to your requirements and is flexible in the types of reports you are able to generate. Whether it’s the user interface or a lack of detailed information, if your system cannot provide reports with the information you want to see, seamlessly and easily, then it is time to consider new software.

Your system increases support fees

System support is paramount for problem solving and maintenance. Usually there is a fee attached to this service, whether it be a onetime payment or a recurring annual charge. However, when this fee goes up and continues to increase over the life of product use, there should be a concern. When you purchase a product, you are doing so with the confidence that you’re getting the expected product at the agreed on price. If your support costs begin to rise continuously, then it may be time to find a new CMS that follows honest practices and will honor the support price established up front.

Your current vendor is acquired by a larger company

When a smaller firm is purchased by a larger firm, there can be benefits; usually those benefits include a larger pool of resources and the sharing of technology. Unfortunately, this can also mean that your firm can get lost in the shuffle and the personalized attention and care that was once given to your company could dissipate. Standardized practices tend to take the place of more personalized services for your software needs. When this happens, a switch to software with a more personalized and customizable system is recommended.

Large companies may acquire smaller vendors for the sole purpose of building up their own client base. When this happens, some, if not all, of the original company’s employees may be laid off and development of the product may cease. Be aware of this and, if your CMS is acquired by a larger company, make sure they still have your best interests in mind.

Change can be daunting. But change can also be a positive experience. If you are dealing with any of the situations above, then it is most likely time for you to start looking to upgrade to a new platform that will better fulfill the needs of your firm. This is your opportunity to do your research and find a solution you can not only trust, but rely on to understand the industry and your needs.


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