Self-Paced LawBase Training: Upgrade Admin Training

Welcome to the LawBase Self-Paced Admin training!

This course covers the same content presented in our regular live class. It is broken into small video chunks so you can view just the section you need or watch the whole course as a refresher. Full content on HotDocs with LawBase is available in the online admin help.

Intended Audience: administrative users of LawBase and select users who are considered template editors.

Videos supported on: Windows and iPad.

Upgrade Training

The videos below are for users of LawBase 10.7 who are upgrading to LawBase 12. For your convenience, follow along with the handout (item 1a).

1a.Training Handout


2. Parts of the screen

3. Docking and Navigators

4. SmartFolders and Searches

5. New Field Types

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