Self-Paced LawBase Training: HotDocs

This course covers the same content presented in our regular live class. It is broken into small video chunks so you can view just the section you need or watch the whole course as a refresher. Full content on HotDocs with LawBase is available in the online admin help.

Intended Audience: Administrative users of LawBase and select users who are considered template editors.

Quick reference document: Here

Videos supported on: Windows and iPad.

  1. About HotDocs
    Describes the HotDocs program.
  2. Example Template
    Demo of how to run a sample template from within LawBase.
  3. HotDocs Software and Set-up
    Describes HotDocs Developer and User; intro to the library; set-up in LBAdmin.
  4. HotDocs Basics – part A
    About templates and component files. Looking at the HotDocs buttons.
  5. HotDocs Basics – part B
    Continuing with the HotDocs buttons. Brief introduction to the main buttons: Variables, IFs, Asks, Repeats, Template Inserts, Other field, Edit Component, Component Manager.
  6. HotDocs Basics – part C
    The final portion on HotDocs buttons. HotDocs Colors versus word processing colors, Matching Fields, Go to Field.
  7. Creating a new Template
    How to create a new template and auto add it to the library.
  8. Creating Variables – part A
    Editing a template from the library, building LawBase variables. Confirming variables in the Comoponent Manager.
  9. Creating Variables – part B
    More LawBase variables. Testing the template. Alt-TAB when the library hides. Looking at common errors: NOTFOUND and blank lines.
  10. Creating Variables – part C
    Correcting blank lines where there is no data (IF) and NOTFOUND. Correcting badly named variables. Non-LawBase variables.
  11. Repeats
    Recognizing repeatable tabs in LawBase and using HotDocs repeats to pull data from them. These start with LBR. Wrapping repeats around LBRs.
  12. CaseLinks and more Repeats
    Building variables for caselinks.
    Common errors with repeats – omitting variables.
  13. Inserting Templates
    Inserting text from another template into a template.
  14. Non-LB Variables and Interview Questions
    Creating variables that hold data not stored in LawBase; typically these act as questions. Grouping questions together with HotDocs Asks. Multiple Choice variables.
  15. Asks
    Grouping questions together with HotDocs Asks. This keeps your users from having to click through mutliple screens.
  16. Picklists
    Variables to get data from a picklist field, both from the value and from the description.

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